First Aid Courses

Emergency First Aid

1 Day Course. Delivered by PHECC instructor. This course qualifies successful trainees to act as support for 3 Day FAR.
MKD 2 Year Certificate

Basic First Aid

½ Day Course. E-learning, video conference or classroom course. For those who require a basic knowledge of First Aid.
MKD 2 Year Certificate

Paediatric First Aid

1 day Course. Delivered by PHECC instructor. Ideal for first time parents or anyone requiring knowledge of Paediatric First Aid.
MKD 2 Year Certificate

What is First Aid?

First Aid is the initial assistance provided to an ill or injured person before professional medical assistance arrives.

The role of the First Aider is to:

  • Preserve Life
  • Prevent the patients’ condition from worsening
  • Promote Recovery

Workplace First Aid Requirements

Risk Assessments, staff numbers and the nature of work will determine how many First Aiders are required in the workplace. If you do require a First Aider onsite then you must have at least one FAR available at all times, Emergency First Aiders can administer First Aid and act as support for a First Aid Responder (FAR).

COVID-19 Infection Control & First Aid

COVID-19 has changed everything, including First Aid procedures and First Aid training courses. CPR does not currently include rescue breaths and First Aiders must now wear additional PPE and assess patients from a distance where possible.
For training courses, rooms must be large enough to allow for physical distancing and full PPE must be worn during assessments and treatment.

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