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Fire Safety Training Course 

Managing Fire Safety has to be a priority in all places of work and in every home. House fires cause 30 - 40 deaths per year in Ireland with chimneys and cooking being the most common causes of fires in Irish homes. Many businesses will never recover from the loss of assets and damage to property as a result of a fire in the workplace. Arson is a major cause of fires in Irish homes and in places of work, a simple Fire Risk Assessment can highlight potential fire hazards such as bad housekeeping which often provides an opportunity for arson. With hazards identified fire prevention controls can be implemented. Relevant to the home, the workplace and any premises, our Fire Safety Course gives trainees the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to deal with fire safely, identify hazards, perform a fire risk assessment and put fire prevention measures in place.

MKD Fire Safety Training Course : Our action learning fire safety course uses video, powerpoint, demonstrations of fire extinguisher and fire blanket use, and is an interactive course with continuous assessment.
Our Fire Safety course lasts for 3 hours and covers :

Fire Safety Training Course Kilkenny 2017

  • What is Fire
  • Managing Fire Safety
  • Legislation
  • Warning Systems
  • Causes of Fire
  • Extinguisher use
  • Types of Fire and suitable Fire Extinguishers
  • Evacuation Procedures and Emergency Plans
  • Practical Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket demonstration
  • Written test
  • 3 year certificate for successful trainees


Our Fire Safety Course can be delivered anytime that suits your schedule -  7 days a week on your premises or in our Kilkenny training room.

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