Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Manual Handling Risk Assessment | MKD Safety Training | Kilkenny
A risk assessment involves a few simple steps:

Identify Hazards:
Anything that has the potential to cause harm.

Assess the Level of Risk for each Hazard:
The likelihood and degree of harm from each hazard, taking into account the individual, the task involved and the environment.

Identify Controls or Improvements to Avoid or Reduce the Risk:
Elimination of risk is the best outcome of a risk assessment, this may be possible through mechanisation or automation. If the risk cannot be eliminated then it must be reduced with control measures:

Put Control Measures in Place
Control measures should reduce or elimate risk, not add additional hazards

Part of the risk assessment is to review the control measures put in place and discuss with the operatives involved in the work/operations the effectiveness of control measures

Record all aspects of the risk assessment and control measures.


A simple hand trolley can reduce the risks involved in carrying a load over distance.


A forklift eliminates the risk.

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